Working For A Living!

The button press is all heated up from constant making these days! I’ve had a few fun custom orders from Brides to be…including one sweetheart from a family of optometrists! It was super fun finding just the right vibe for her big day. I can’t help but get excited making wedding schwag. WEDDINGS! They’re awesome. It’s soon to be 20 years since Mr.Totally Awesomepants and I said “I do” so I speak from experience.

Anyhoo…here’s a glimpse at what’s come off the press lately…

For sale on our etsy shop are these like, totally cool yearbook buttons from the 80’s.



And then we designed this fun lot of Birds and Bees badges for the sweet vintage feeling that is all the rage these days. Viva la country wedding! These will be a limited run…at least in this shade, as they are done on some very vintage manila paper I scored a week ago at the thrift store. Schweet!



And finally, made fresh this very morning, it’s one hundred awesome pieces featuring London, England and it’s many attractions.



All are available for purchase as of this minute in our etsy shop.

On other fronts, Huzzah for Chinook Arch winds! Today’s running outfit was a single layer affair on the bottom and just a light jacket and shell on top. I got hot enough to ditch the hat even. Good stuff after 3 weeks of bitter cold runs where I’ve been layered up like the little brother in A Christmas Story.

The tomatoes are coming along nicely…all have been repotted in pretty containers and now the little window greenhouses are fully dedicated to annual flowers, including some fancy decorative corn and purple millet. I CAN’T WAIT FOR SPRING! Eeeeeeee.

Thanks for dropping in Dear Reader.

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New Wedding Favour Badges

Fresh from the buttonmaker is this set of 100 sweet buttons. Peeps getting married use these in all sorts of ways…some leave them in a bowl on the reception table, some pin them to place setting cards, some sprinkle them on the table where the cake is set up.

We love buttons as a favour because just about everybody loves a button! And we’ve had a tonne of interest from wedding blogs and magazines in the last little bit. I guess that means the season is soon to be upon us in full swing. Huzzah!

You can find these and other wedding sets @

Ummm…we’ve expanded the empire to include a shop at shoply, icraft and we just started a shop on weebly.

Other than that we’re up and running again (6 k on Sunday!) with just a little bit of pain. I look forward to the snoworama melting away and getting back to scented runs on clear roads. Like most Canadians I can’t help but reflect that this has been a looooong winter.Long. As in too much snow and cold and not enough Chinooks. However, spring will come and I will run surrounded by wild roses again. Woot woot!