Hoarders – The Seitan Edition

This year marks my 20th year without consuming the flesh of my fellow earth beasts. I’ve had a lot of nuts and beans since then…I make a mean chili and a darn good curry but sometimes you want something other than tofu in your asian inspired dishes. Hence, the seitan. This strange but yummy protein is still available at the Superstore, hopefully it will be for years to come. Every now and again when the hubs has business in the city he drops by and grabs a dozen cans depending on what is on the shelves. This time he bought 24 cans! 24 CANS! Awesome sauce!

You give it a little bit of a fry and then you can make a yummy Vietnamese sub sammy with a whole wheat crusty roll with some grated carrots and cucumbers and a schwack of cilantro and some hot sauce. Best sammy in the world, imho. I also make a nice veggie and noodle soup and right before I serve it I drop some seitan nuggets on the top with some chopped peanuts and cilantro. Tres bon!

You can also make a heap of fried rice and veggies with this stuff in it and then you use the leftovers rolled up in a spring roll wrapper the next day. So.Good.

Once in a pinch I even used it in a “beef” stroganoff and it was worked a treat. So…behold once again, my hoard of weird food items.



On other news fronts I heard from my gallery that my “Chinook Honey Bee Queen” painting sold last month. So that is awesome.That was a work I made after the nice lady working the counter at Chinook Honey’s store counter told us that the Queen had left the hive that is *in* the store ( it’s contained in a plexiglass wall with a bee tube leading outside) when the hive got too full but instead of flying off into the sunset she plopped to the ground as she was too fat to fly. Half the hive came out and swarmed around her bringing the bee keeper around to see what all the fuss was about. They had to move her to a new location since she wasn’t going to be able to wing it on her own. How cute is that? I’d post a pic of that piece but I accidentally deleted that photo folder. Way to go Ohio! Image


I’ll post this painting instead…they were made at the same time so they’re they’re cousins of a sort. This is a Snake Charmer who now resides in Praha aka Prague with some other works I made in 2013. It was a good year for paintings last year. I should get on it again and put in another bulk order of boards to work on. (She says ignoring the 3 paintings waiting to be completed in the studio!) No rest for the weary!

And now Dear Reader, we lace up our shoes and throw on our layers and go for our Sunday run.Thanks for dropping by! Stay warm out there.


Little Ghost

We’ve been buying antique photos to use as visual references for over a year now. This is a work based on the girl on the far right. It’s on a super nice deckle edged Canson watercolour paper. I think it would look awesome framed and over a fireplace or in a white themed bedroom.

Speaking of white, it’s snow, snow and more snow for the next few days which means soup, soup, soup for the next few days as well. Maybe a nice green lentil ginger spiced curry, a hearty Italian  Wedding soup and a fake chicken stew with dumplings. We’ll see how it pans out. No rest for the wicked.

Salve World!


New Works

Anna K

I’ve been super busy in the last couple of weeks.

Buttons sell well during the holiday season, even if it is a recession, so I’ve had the punch out quite a bit.

No matter what people love to declare their smooching wishes and President Obama freakin’ won  the election (huzzah!) so we had to make a tonne of those babies.

available on buttonempire.etsy.com
Besides button business, I’ve been trying to keep the very small quarters of the empire workable, but let’s face it, we need an extra room. I miss our SK digs like crazy. And yet, somehow I got the painting bug this week and made the first piece in this post and the all following pieces as well…
I’m doing a sort of homemade scratchboard technique here.
I’m using acrylics because they’re easy to clean and therefore easier to use in a small space.
I paint the surface flat black and then work up from there in colour and then I scratch and scrape down into the black using various pointy objects.
Finally I burnish the surface with a palette knife so there is a lovely gleam while maintaining a textured surface to hold the viewers interest.
I love the dreamy visual look I get from this process.
These are small squares on masonite so they’re affordable galore, easy to ship and easy to frame up on the cheap.
I’d love to be doing larger, more complicated works but that will have to wait until the summer.
(*le sigh* as Pepe Le Pew used to say.)
With that, I’ve got to go do a quick Friday clean up, make a homemade pizza sauce and beat down the yummiest homemade herbed pizza dough made this side of Italy.
Then, I need to get my Lehrer Newshour/wine drinking in, sit back and sup while I see how far down the tube the world went since I woke up this morning.
And I need to use the Wii Fit.
Do not forget, fellow Wii Fit owners, that thing is watching you…
and me…
and Bruno.
Damned Wii…it’s a little fitness narc!
Later Gators,