Collage Fever and Hula Hooping!





ACEO fever struck this long weekend, taking the freshly cleaned house from spotless to a hot mess of paper piles, books, magazines, various bits and bobs, paint brushes, glue sticks…all liberally sprinkled throughout the house. Oy vay! What a mashugana! Classic Amy.

Ah well…such is the creative process…it’s timing is often inconvenient! I’ve amassed a large collection to pull from including some great vintage movie magazines, an amazing 1940’s Sears catalogue, some horrific Sears catalogues from the 1970’s and a bunch of old knitting pattern books. I like to pick my lady and then go from there. I call the series of female based pieces “She” and the ornithological  based pieces are a part of my ongoing “Birds” series.

These are all available in the etsy shop.






Other news in the life is I LOVE hula hooping! It is so much fun! I do it everyday for about half an hour.

I started with this hoop. The trick to hooping is start large and weighted and then don’t bail on doing it when you can’t get the hoop to stay up. Just keep picking it up and doing it and before you know it you’ll be hooping!
I’ve since passed the big hoop onto a friend and I’ve moved down to a lighter, smaller hoop which is more of a challenge to keep up. You have to go really fast to not lose it. But that’s the fun, you gotta hoop hardcore to maintain the circle. Woot woot! I’ve made it into a hiit workout by hooping normally for 1 minute and then hooping with my arms up over my head for the next minute. Do that 5 times and you get some great heart rate action. Plus it’s SO FUN. HOOP! Do it. You’ll love it!

That’s it for now…gotta go get a 5 k in and then it’s vegan T Day leftovers. Yum yummy yum yum.






Betty Grable

I was thinking of Matisse when I cut the flowers out of an old dictionary. I think that shows.

This is the second piece in the Hollywood collage series.

Made with gouache paint and original vintage papers on some handsome watercolour paper.

More to come…I’m just waiting on some supplies…


Skylarking (or not) With Carole Lombard

Latest from our new series of Hollywood themed collages.

I’ve had a thing for Hollywood classic films and the ladies featured in them ever since I was about 9 when I caught an afternoon oldies screening of All About Eve. Having come in from a hot Toronto afternoon to the cool basement and a 19 inch tv, I was treated to my first viewing of that film.  “Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy night” signalled to me that women were capable of more than one speed. Bette Davis let me know that the female “we” could be as hard as diamonds when needed. Juxtaposed against that toughness was a desperation to stay young and vibrant, powerful and a master of one’s craft.

Ever since then I’ve been a sucker for the femme fatales of film noir, the hundreds of dancers in Buzz Berkeley numbers and the comic masters that made up the Hollywood of the 30’s onto the mid 50’s. I’ve always been interested in pulling their images out and celebrating them in a new context.

Anyhoo…that’s where were at right now. We’re also working on a new lolcatz valentines day card.

I’ll keep you updated.

Hope y’all had a great last year and that we all have a beautiful new year.