Collage Fever and Hula Hooping!





ACEO fever struck this long weekend, taking the freshly cleaned house from spotless to a hot mess of paper piles, books, magazines, various bits and bobs, paint brushes, glue sticks…all liberally sprinkled throughout the house. Oy vay! What a mashugana! Classic Amy.

Ah well…such is the creative process…it’s timing is often inconvenient! I’ve amassed a large collection to pull from including some great vintage movie magazines, an amazing 1940’s Sears catalogue, some horrific Sears catalogues from the 1970’s and a bunch of old knitting pattern books. I like to pick my lady and then go from there. I call the series of female based pieces “She” and the ornithological  based pieces are a part of my ongoing “Birds” series.

These are all available in the etsy shop.






Other news in the life is I LOVE hula hooping! It is so much fun! I do it everyday for about half an hour.

I started with this hoop. The trick to hooping is start large and weighted and then don’t bail on doing it when you can’t get the hoop to stay up. Just keep picking it up and doing it and before you know it you’ll be hooping!
I’ve since passed the big hoop onto a friend and I’ve moved down to a lighter, smaller hoop which is more of a challenge to keep up. You have to go really fast to not lose it. But that’s the fun, you gotta hoop hardcore to maintain the circle. Woot woot! I’ve made it into a hiit workout by hooping normally for 1 minute and then hooping with my arms up over my head for the next minute. Do that 5 times and you get some great heart rate action. Plus it’s SO FUN. HOOP! Do it. You’ll love it!

That’s it for now…gotta go get a 5 k in and then it’s vegan T Day leftovers. Yum yummy yum yum.






March Came In Like A Freakin’ Frozen Lion Mr.Bigglesworth!

Sweet Mother of all that is Holy. It’s cold up here in the foothills! I ran alone on Sunday ( too chilly for the hubs! ) and it was the coldest run I ever did. I’m going to guess that when the wind really got going it was probably -38 to -40. I had to put the hood on my shell up over top of my ninja mask and that’s never happened before. It’s best to lather yourself up with some sort of lotion before you go out because the wind will dry your skin out in a flash. It’s just harsh. And it’s also kind of great. People driving by in their cars and trucks just STARE at you like you’re a total freak. It’s very potent. Yeah…I’m hardcore. I’m WAY hardcore.Heh heh. I’m not really. You just gotta dress up right and it’s pretty much just like any other run. If you a runner who doesn’t run outside in the winter I recommend giving it a go. I figure I’ll be winter running until maybe Mid April. So it’s a good thing I like it!

Now, let’s quickly take a boo at what’s off the button press…

My shout out to True Detective’s Rust Cohle character. Image

I’ve read a lot of critiques about the show saying it’s misogynistic but I think it’s *about* misogyny, and not in a “isn’t it great to depress, use, abuse, enslave, cheat on and murder” women kind of way. It’s a crime drama version of Louis CK’s reflection on how dangerous men are to women. There’s a sad, frustrated humanity about the show that it appeals to my pessimistic nature. It’s good when we look in the mirror. Awareness is the first step to making bad things better. That idea seems to be what will drive the two main characters into whatever their finale is…they have acknowledged their failures and they will try to make amends.  As a bonus for me, it’s a green tinged program…like, literally green tinged in a good 80% of the scenes. And I like green…it creates a really dreamy, intensive vision that is almost hypnotic. It’s sort of the opposite of Steven Soderbergh’s use of blue tinting in many of his films. Blue tinting always makes me hyper aware that what I’m watching is in no way real. I can’t connect and get lost in the storytelling in blue tinted films or tv. With this greening of the scenes in True Detective it’s easy to feel pulled into the conversations, the rooms and the characters themselves. It’s bloody brill!

Anyhoo…all that talk about misogyny and that asshat that left the note for the female pilot on his airplane seat the other day (telling her women shouldn’t be pilots, they oughta be at home in the kitchen yadda yadda yadda)  made me create this piece…Image

I wanted to say “Hey, men who do their best to fight rape culture, encourage the education of girls and women, support equal pay, stand up for a woman’s reproductive rights and through all those and other various actions, free themselves from the effects on men via the patriarchy are the men that I hold in high regard and enjoy spending time with.” 

And finally it’s time for fresh comics for a fun filled wedding! The last set sold out to a super nice Mama whose seeing her last baby get hitched this summer. Mazel Tov! Good Things! Image


And that’s it for today. I’ve got to go stoke the wood stove. Because it’s March. In Southern Alberta…




Erin Go Bragh, Dude


Finally, it’s the modernized version of the classic “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” that the world has been clamouring for!!

You can grab this at our etsy store @ .

We made this today and kept it on the down low or the low down depending on how hip to the jive you are. I know it’s got something because when Bruno saw it he lol’d!  Huzzah! We’ve got our Green Beerz card in the shop as well. I’m part Irish you know. I wish I’d have been blessed with the red hair the Vikings left after raping and pillaging but noooooo…I get the baby brown of the mutts of Europe…

Anyhoo…wandered off into hair bitterness there. Not unusual if you know me!

I trust any Dear Readers are having a good lead up into the next season. My thoughts are with all the peeps getting pounded by Big Mama right now! A special shoutout to our Aussie clients. Stay safe, dear friends!

Peace Out For Now,man…


Travel Broadens The Mind…

New Plain Pin

New Palin Pin

Travel Broadens the Mind…And Sarah Palin may be living proof of that notion.

If you catch my drift.


I get how Palin has what I think of as “The Ear”.

Having “The Ear” means you innately pick up on verbal tone, structure, colloquialisms et all. People with “The Ear” do well in their High School Drama class without trying. They draw crowds at parties. They do a nice job of reading their kids bed time stories. In Palins’ case I wouldn’t be surprised if night time at her house includes her dropping the g’s and adding some Heck ya’s to Revelations as she lulls her little one’s to sleep with stories of the Armageddon .

Anyhoo…the point about Palin having “The Ear” is that she can charm some birds out of their trees. (If those Birds still can make the payments on their trees that is.) The peeps that she charms don’t necessarily need content or context, they most likely need a six pack ( Hey Joe!) and a gun or two.  I don’t think those peeps give much thought to her foreign policy abilities (or any other abilities any one might need in order to lead our increasingly insane world) even though, thanks to the aforementioned peeps,  she might end up in the White House answering the phone at 3pm.

Gosh darn it, I hope it’s not Eye-ran or Eye-raq callin’. 

Anyhoo…I made this bitter little button when we were still out East and finally I have the high speed to make uploading it a cinch. Yay!

Ciao For Now Kids ( Ciao is an Eye-talian salutation Ms.Palin.  Eye-taly doesn’t need you to nuke them, just so you know. They’re not in the Middle East.) 


I’m Putting The Cart Before The Horse…

I heart Prez Obama

…because I’m bone weary of the horses’ ass whose been driving the usa for the last 8 years!

Thank heavens we’re moving on.

You know, I may be so nuts about American Politics because of my birth date. It’s Jan, 20 aka Inauguration day in the USA. As I grew up in a political household, I remember that evening as either a good night or a bad night, depending on who made it in.

The first dude I remember was Jimmy Carter and I recall my Mom was pretty happy about that.

By ’82 I was old enough to understand that Reagan and I were not on the same page.

And so forth and so on.

Bush was a tough one to take.

Dimpled chads haunted my dreams and I worried about how badly he could fuck things up.

Turns out I underestimated his talents for fucking up.

Oy Vay, what an 8 years it’s been.

So I am STOKED ( yes STOKED) about Senor Obama getting in and switching things up.

I look forward to healthcare and climate change, green energy , education and human rights being on the agenda.

And I hope that *if* some bad shit goes down, he’ll inspire the world with common sense and hope rather than telling us to go shopping.

I hope he’ll be a Man.

A mighty mighty Good Man.

And that’s all for tonight peeps.

Peace Out from the Foothills.


nerds are hawt

Hello nerds.

How cute are you?

With your model spaceship collections and your Einstien with his tongue out poster on your closet door and that salty by the sea no brand deodorant smell….*swoon*….

You’d steam up my glasses. 

 If I ever wore my glasses.

On that note, a friend and I were talking on a little forum I hang at and he felt that he was not a babe magnet as he is a bit on the cerebral side.

But I’m a girl and I know what girls like.  Girls like nerds.  

Especially if they smell good and are fun to hang with.

Nerds are hawt even.

Flaunt it!

And girl nerds should flaunt it too! It’s cool to be a nerd.

You know, everybody can be cool.

Jocks and stoners and nerds and…hey…it just dawned on me I still see people in terms of high school cliques.

Like, omg, that’s so like Breakfast Club and stuff.

Alright. On that note I’ve got a tonne of stuff to do.

The gardens need a thorough clean up and that is no small task.

That reminds me, we’ve had crocus and bluebells and we’re waiting on grape hyacinth.

I put water in the fountain a few weeks ago too.

That officially means Spring is Sprung in the foothills of southern Alberta.

I believe I’ll get the man to bring up the furniture to better facilitate hanging out there in the sunshine. Yay!

Hey, I know times are tough for peeps all over the world.

I hope you’re chillaxin’ as best you can.

May The Force Be With You.



Money. Money. Money. Money. Mon-aye.


When the government “gives” you money it’s most likely that an election is around the corner or that they’re pretty freakin’ nervous that the peeps might get up on their hind legs and bark.

Best give them enough dough for a bag of weed and a six pack. 

Augustus knew that way back in the day. 

And look what happened to him…his wife poisoned him with a pear or a date, maybe a fig…some sort of fruit… ( can you tell I’ve been enjoying HBOs Rome and I’m on my way to rewatching I Claudius or what?)

Maybe Laura will pull a Livia someday , get rid of George via poisoned burrito and run away with Cheney to Paris.  Ah, sweet sweet Cheney love…

Anyhoo. Back to reality.

I made this pin today for all my neighbours down south.

Enjoy the money while you can.

I figure it’ll last less than a week.

I wish Stephen Harper of the Non Moving Hairdo would throw me a financial bone, but I guess he’s not nervous enough.


And now for something completely different…it’s snowing lovely big flakes here today.

It’s quite nice.

I have the high efficency woodstove stoked and I’m chillaxing to the soma fm and having a glass of well deserved vino.

I hope it’s swell where ever you be.

Have a Nice Weekend,