Ciao 2014! Hello 2015!


Isn’t that a lovely photo? I took it while doing a 5 k run last week. Rather a lot of hoarfrost made for a winter wonderland.

And speaking of running, I’m just back from my last run of the year, unless I change my mind and get in another 5 k tomorrow…which is tempting I admit…but we’ll just go with this for now…1agphotoasy

Yeah, that’s right. The elusive PR for distance was set by lil’ old me. I’m not the fastest runner nor do I run the longest nor do I run the toughest runs. But I do run. This year I enjoyed good health and therefore I never missed a single scheduled run. I even added a few during the summer, hence the new distance record. I’d love to break it again next year and I’m working on figuring out the math. I’d so love to nail 1000 miles or as we Canucks say 1600 kms next year. Only time will tell but in the meanwhile, I’m beaming with success and self love. Way to go button! We rock!

Other news from 2014 is that I went vegan this summer. After 20 years of being vegetarian a news story about animal abuse at a dairy in BC just made me realize that I wanted out. I thought this would be so hard. I rather enjoyed cheese and had yogurt every single day in my smoothie. (Eggs are no biggie, I stopped eating them years ago. 2 tablespoons of flax in warm water make an eggless egg perfect for baking.) After I quit dairy I started following vegan boards on pinterest and it totally opened my eyes about the connection between the dairy industry and veal production. I would never eat veal even before I went vegetarian and to learn that the side effect of my milk consumption was the veal industry made me feel so very sad and full of regret.

So sad and full of regret that I had a good cry about it.1agphotoz

On the upside I’ve found that cashew cream is super easy to make, hummus makes a great snack in place of a cheese plate, vegan protein powder is a fine replacement for yogurt in my smoothies and that I feel much better since quitting dairy. Live and learn and do unto others as you would have them do unto you and better late than never and forgiveness is a gift you give yourself and so forth and so on. We only have so much time to control our food destiny and I’ve grabbed the bull by the horns, no pun intended, and made the final big switch. Unless I become a Fruitarian as seen in the film Notting Hill.*insert winkey face emoticon here*

Finally 2014 saw my husband and I mark our 20 wedding anniversary. He’s such a good egg. He puts up with all my malarkey and stays steadfast and true. He’s the best.

And so Dear Reader, I hope you have had a happy year…I know we did. With that I’m off to stoke the woodstove and make some spicy sandwiches with the so awesome Veganaise. It is SO good! I totally recommend it. And it’s made with Solar power! You can’t beat that!

Peace out 2014!



The Rainbow Edition

These are our colourful version of our wedding favours we call “Words Enough For a Lifetime Together”. We just had a nice order for a bunch of them except the bride to be wanted them made into magnets. Done and done! You can find these at our zibbet shop and at our etsy shop as well.

We’ve been busy painting and cooking and spring cleaning here. I’d love to paint the living room and yet I hate painting so I am at cross purposes in that regard. While doing some garden cleaning I found our ants are up and at ’em and I’ve seen a couple of very sweet ground squirrels out and about so in theory we will have some warmer days soon.

Oh yeah, we had a listing up to raise some funds to donate to the Red Cross for Japan relief and those sold so big thanks to the peep who helped us get that done!

I’ll check in soon with some new art and a new burfdae card soon but once again, the garden calls…


New Wedding Favour Badges

Fresh from the buttonmaker is this set of 100 sweet buttons. Peeps getting married use these in all sorts of ways…some leave them in a bowl on the reception table, some pin them to place setting cards, some sprinkle them on the table where the cake is set up.

We love buttons as a favour because just about everybody loves a button! And we’ve had a tonne of interest from wedding blogs and magazines in the last little bit. I guess that means the season is soon to be upon us in full swing. Huzzah!

You can find these and other wedding sets @

Ummm…we’ve expanded the empire to include a shop at shoply, icraft and we just started a shop on weebly.

Other than that we’re up and running again (6 k on Sunday!) with just a little bit of pain. I look forward to the snoworama melting away and getting back to scented runs on clear roads. Like most Canadians I can’t help but reflect that this has been a looooong winter.Long. As in too much snow and cold and not enough Chinooks. However, spring will come and I will run surrounded by wild roses again. Woot woot!