Collage Fever and Hula Hooping!





ACEO fever struck this long weekend, taking the freshly cleaned house from spotless to a hot mess of paper piles, books, magazines, various bits and bobs, paint brushes, glue sticks…all liberally sprinkled throughout the house. Oy vay! What a mashugana! Classic Amy.

Ah well…such is the creative process…it’s timing is often inconvenient! I’ve amassed a large collection to pull from including some great vintage movie magazines, an amazing 1940’s Sears catalogue, some horrific Sears catalogues from the 1970’s and a bunch of old knitting pattern books. I like to pick my lady and then go from there. I call the series of female based pieces “She” and the ornithological  based pieces are a part of my ongoing “Birds” series.

These are all available in the etsy shop.






Other news in the life is I LOVE hula hooping! It is so much fun! I do it everyday for about half an hour.

I started with this hoop. The trick to hooping is start large and weighted and then don’t bail on doing it when you can’t get the hoop to stay up. Just keep picking it up and doing it and before you know it you’ll be hooping!
I’ve since passed the big hoop onto a friend and I’ve moved down to a lighter, smaller hoop which is more of a challenge to keep up. You have to go really fast to not lose it. But that’s the fun, you gotta hoop hardcore to maintain the circle. Woot woot! I’ve made it into a hiit workout by hooping normally for 1 minute and then hooping with my arms up over my head for the next minute. Do that 5 times and you get some great heart rate action. Plus it’s SO FUN. HOOP! Do it. You’ll love it!

That’s it for now…gotta go get a 5 k in and then it’s vegan T Day leftovers. Yum yummy yum yum.






Hoarders – The Seitan Edition

This year marks my 20th year without consuming the flesh of my fellow earth beasts. I’ve had a lot of nuts and beans since then…I make a mean chili and a darn good curry but sometimes you want something other than tofu in your asian inspired dishes. Hence, the seitan. This strange but yummy protein is still available at the Superstore, hopefully it will be for years to come. Every now and again when the hubs has business in the city he drops by and grabs a dozen cans depending on what is on the shelves. This time he bought 24 cans! 24 CANS! Awesome sauce!

You give it a little bit of a fry and then you can make a yummy Vietnamese sub sammy with a whole wheat crusty roll with some grated carrots and cucumbers and a schwack of cilantro and some hot sauce. Best sammy in the world, imho. I also make a nice veggie and noodle soup and right before I serve it I drop some seitan nuggets on the top with some chopped peanuts and cilantro. Tres bon!

You can also make a heap of fried rice and veggies with this stuff in it and then you use the leftovers rolled up in a spring roll wrapper the next day. So.Good.

Once in a pinch I even used it in a “beef” stroganoff and it was worked a treat. So…behold once again, my hoard of weird food items.



On other news fronts I heard from my gallery that my “Chinook Honey Bee Queen” painting sold last month. So that is awesome.That was a work I made after the nice lady working the counter at Chinook Honey’s store counter told us that the Queen had left the hive that is *in* the store ( it’s contained in a plexiglass wall with a bee tube leading outside) when the hive got too full but instead of flying off into the sunset she plopped to the ground as she was too fat to fly. Half the hive came out and swarmed around her bringing the bee keeper around to see what all the fuss was about. They had to move her to a new location since she wasn’t going to be able to wing it on her own. How cute is that? I’d post a pic of that piece but I accidentally deleted that photo folder. Way to go Ohio! Image


I’ll post this painting instead…they were made at the same time so they’re they’re cousins of a sort. This is a Snake Charmer who now resides in Praha aka Prague with some other works I made in 2013. It was a good year for paintings last year. I should get on it again and put in another bulk order of boards to work on. (She says ignoring the 3 paintings waiting to be completed in the studio!) No rest for the weary!

And now Dear Reader, we lace up our shoes and throw on our layers and go for our Sunday run.Thanks for dropping by! Stay warm out there.

House Keeper – A New Painting for 2014

House Keeper

This lovely piece is fresh off the easel and available on the net at our etsy store. If it doesn’t go in a month or two I’ll take it down to the gallery, as people just love and covet it irl. But in the meantime I feel like it might be meant for someone out in the world who can’t get to the gallery. Time will tell I suppose.

I started my ‘mater seeds this week…lot’s of nice heirlooms, for fruits big and small. I’m debating on planting some purple cauliflower but I’m not sure it’s worth it. It needs a long season and it takes up a lot of the space in the garden and it gets buggy with cabbage moths. Yuck.

Speaking of pests, the deer have been in the yard a lot lately, digging at last years kale and chewing on the apple tree. I’m thinking of hanging some Irish Spring soap bars in recycled orange bag mesh to keep them away. And yet, I feel bad for them. They’re hungry. And the snow is very deep. I know if I were a hungry deer I’d love some of that kale…mmmm…kale…

And with that it’s off to bake some Kale and Spinach chips. So yummy.
Be good Dear Reader!

Every Day is Earth Day. Like duh.

Every Day IS Earth Day. Just saying, yo. Love your Mama and treat her right.

This painting is an original, made with gouache on a nice thick watercolour paper. It’s in the etsy shop and we think she has just the right look for the cause of making everyday a day you love the planet. Do it. Or she’ll give you sad eyes!

I may be rambling this morning Dear Reader. I slept in too late and now I have to get my head in shape for a run. On that note, Happy Weekend!



THe latest handprinted imperial designed gocco made lolcatz card is out and it’s a cutie, if I do say so myself. If you’re the kinda peep who expects cake this might be the way to get some. It’s currently printed on a white or off white card with plans to get it on the larger brown format in the near future. I have to pull out the gocco and make a bunch of other lolcat cards soon so maybe then.

Handmade lolcatz cards available in our zibbet shop and our etsy shop

Ummm, what else…I ordered some canna bulbs from Brecks bulbs but they’re not here yet which I find irksome to no end. I wanted to get them potted up for a good heads start but I am mocked at every turn. Or at least that one turn. Heh. Other than that it’s business as usual. Making grilled cheese and tossed salad for lunch which I’d better get at…


Erin Go Bragh, Dude


Finally, it’s the modernized version of the classic “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” that the world has been clamouring for!!

You can grab this at our etsy store @ .

We made this today and kept it on the down low or the low down depending on how hip to the jive you are. I know it’s got something because when Bruno saw it he lol’d!  Huzzah! We’ve got our Green Beerz card in the shop as well. I’m part Irish you know. I wish I’d have been blessed with the red hair the Vikings left after raping and pillaging but noooooo…I get the baby brown of the mutts of Europe…

Anyhoo…wandered off into hair bitterness there. Not unusual if you know me!

I trust any Dear Readers are having a good lead up into the next season. My thoughts are with all the peeps getting pounded by Big Mama right now! A special shoutout to our Aussie clients. Stay safe, dear friends!

Peace Out For Now,man…


I Can Haz Front Page of etsy?

for sale at


Last week this card made it to the front page of In the hour it was there we sold out of existing stock and we had to pull out the gocco to make more. It got over 800 new views and over 80 new users added it to their favorites. The doll over at the “Books,Paper,Scissors” blog added it to their page where it got 777 notes from their readers and reblogged a bunch of times.

This excites me! I have this fantasy where Hallmark ask me to run my own teeny tiny division of lolcatz cards for them and stuff like this is how you get found!

Here’s the link to the BPS blog in case you fancy seeing the power of the internetwebz for sharing cool schwag.

Anyhoo…I’m on a running break after hurting my tootsies while running on deep snow and slippery surfaces. To make up for it I’m walking up and down a rather steep hill multiple times. It’s pretty neat in it’s own right. My heart rate gets up way higher than when I run. Even after my feet can handle the runs again I think we’ll work the hill in as intensity training. It has 2 things going for besides the increased heart rate…it has a spectacular mountian view and unlike the stairmaster at the gym, it’s free to use.

Thanks for dropping in dear reader.

Be well.