Hoarders: The Hot Sauce Edition


Well, I do have a hot sauce problem…and this problem is that the local grocery store stopped carrying Matouks West Indian Hot Sauce when they lost their supplier.
So I had to resource the second best thing, the Nu Pak West Indian Hot Sauce from the nearest Superstore. But then, those guys got all gentrified and they stopped carrying lots of their “ethnic” foods, including the Nu Pak sauce.


I’ve been hooked on this tart and yummy burning stuff for more than a decade, starting with Calgary’s long gone but never forgotten Island Experience restaurant, where I first made the acquaintance of the firey delight known as Matouks. They charged 50 cents for a little tiny side of it. But who cares? FOR TONIGHT WE DANCE!

Anyhoo…fat story thin…I’ve found the elusive Matouks at ye old local Bulk Barn! Huzzah! And so Dear Reader, let us ladle out the chick pea curry with roasted taters and drown our sorrows in scaldingly hot sauce! We might as well…it seems it will never stop snowing here so I need something to get me through to gardening season.

Behold…my shame, my love, my hoard, my sauce…



I figure it will last me until…oh…mid May. It’s so, so good. I like it on crackers too.

<has a hot sauce problem for sure

Hope all is going saucily with you Dear Reader!






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