Today’s Run Was Squishy in a Snowy Kinda Way.


Running towards the mountains can be pretty visually rewarding some days. And while it was very lovely today it was also a bit like running through a desert since the snow on the roads is about 3 inches deep and really sandy feeling. It was quite a slog here and there, especially going uphills. You know, the kind of run when you have to pull everything in, tighten up and just go nice and even…no sprints allowed! Before I headed out I took some time to replace my Ice Spikes. They’re great little screws that go right into your shoe or boot. I adore them. Seriously. I’m always stopping fellow runners when winter approaches to ask them if they’re going to be running through the season. If they say “Yes” I give them the Ice Spike hard sell. I’m a total convert looking to bring others into the fold. Here’s the before and after view of the wee beasties…Image

A fresh pair of spikes make it so you can trod the mean streets of Southern Alberta. I highly recommend them! They’re great for hiking and trail running too! BUY SOME TODAY! Heh heh. But seriously, get some. They’re awesome.

So, that’s it for today…just a random post about running stuff.

Happy Tuesday,




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