Fare Thee Well, Jesse Pinkman



I came late to Breaking Bad. Like final season late. Which in a way was a good thing…beginning at the end and working your way back means that you’re making connections that you would never have made starting at point A. The big take away for me was that Aaron Paul nailed that role. Nailed it full on. All the other characters read as just that for me, characters…it wasn’t a bad thing…it was just oil on water. Mr.Paul managed to *steep* himself into the role. His performance made me wonder how Jesse went from being an artistic, enthusiastic youth to barely coping drug addict. I assume he was self medicating, maybe because his little league coach was up to more than just batting practice. (See Theo Fleury.)

Anyhoo…between my imaginings as to the hows and whys of Jesse’s addiction, his subsequent fall from large G Grace and the total failure of his elder Walter White to be a trustworthy authority figure, my empathy and maternal instinct got all riled up.

I just wanted the Jesse Pinkman to find some Peace. Peace with a capitol P. And I guess a part of me wants to share in this imagined recovery. Henceforth this goofy, but sweet button, that I made while Netflix has been running me on a Breaking Bad jag.  

In other news, the season here is coming to an end but with an extra 20 frost free days over the usual schedule.I actually managed to grow corn. Non GMO, tasty heritage corn! Encrable! I learned how to make corn tortillas from scratch and then made super tasty bean and corn tacos topped with homegrown tomatoes and cilantro chutney. Really top notch if I do say so. Best I ever had.


Should you fancy a Jesse Pinkman badge you can grab it here…https://www.etsy.com/listing/164722710/id-rather-be-building-boxes-with-jesse?ref=shop_home_active

Hope all is well with you Dear Reader.Happy Fall!



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