Running For 5 Years and a Day


Yesterday marked my 5th year as a Runner.

I had brushes with running in the past, as a child I loved to pretend I was the Black Stallion or Man O’ War and run like a maniac when we had recess.

In my twenties I ran 5 or 6 times but somehow it just never caught on.

Then we took our sabbatical to the lovely Ogema, SK and one day, on a walk I just started to run instead. And it stuck. Stuck hard. I’ve been running ever since. I made a deal with myself. Do I have legs? Yes. Am I sick? No. Then I run. And that’s it. I have a schedule of runs (mostly 5 and 10k when I’m not training) that I just repeat weekly. I allow myself to run just a short run if I’m really bagged but unless I’m really sick or injured, I *must* run something, 2 k or 4 k…just something.I’ve never skipped a run. Not once. And I have no intention of not running for as long as live.

I’ve run in soft blizzards and hard blizzards, rain of all ilk, in -40 degree weather and in +30 degree hot days. In the last 5 years I’ve only missed one run due to weather and that was in a windstorm with 115k winds. I worried about flying debris so I took a pass on that day but made it up later. I ran the half back to back and it was ok. I logged more than 1100 kms last year and I’m on track to make over 1000 again this year, despite losing 80 k to a really nasty cold in Jan and Feb.

Besides running in all weather I run to all types of music. My mp3 player has the Rocky Horror Soundtrack, some random house music, Lauren Hill’s amazing solo album, a bit of my favorite Mozart, Roxy Music’s Avalon, a tonne of Elliott Smith, various bits and bobs…some stuff by The Police, ACDC and a whole hour of the sitar being rocked upon by Ravi Shankar. Sometimes I run sans tunes too…just the happy sound of feet on fine gravel…”tuk, tuk, tuk…” It’s all good.

I know dogs and gardeners, people who smoke early morning in their housecoats in their garages, my running frenemies and my running friends. Sometimes a frenemy becomes a friend…sometimes they’re just the person who passes you while you’re running easy and you never see them again, but you never forget them passing you. Because running can make you crazy like that!

It was a wonderful run yesterday…I thought all this stuff I just wrote about and about 30 seconds from home a bug flew right into my mouth. The thing you learn from running is that you take the good with the bad! That includes the occasional bug in the mouth!
It’s been a great trip and if you’ve got legs and you’re not sick, I highly recommend lacing up and seeing how far you can go on day 1.

Have a happy Summer y’all.



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