May Showers Bring…A Million Chores.


Here There Be Tygers

We’re throwing in seeds for huge Kale, early Peas, Spinach, Mache and a few annuals here and there. The Sweet Peas are coming up and I’ve got more Spearmint than common sense. There is so much work to do, esp. with company coming several times over the summer. Bruno’s Auntie all the way from Scotland, our old friends Russell and Sherri and their brood(first visit in nearly 20 years!) and our friend Carol. The garden is looking great, tulips and chives and forsythia and more. Oh my! I’ll post some pics soon but in the meanwhile it’s this dreamy oil painting. Here There Be Tygers alright…they’re called Teggar and Taffy….but that’s a story for another day.

Hammy Hamster!


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