100 Cool Badges For Comic Lovers!


We make these for the couples who fancy cool buttons and fun icebreakers for their reception or dinner tables. They are available at our etsy shop. But once this particular set is gone, they’re gone forever, never to be reproduced! Such is life when you make unique badges! We’re finally getting a hint of warmer days to come! We went for the first green view run of 2013 yesterday. I’m such a goof. On warm days I like to listen to Ravi Shankar and pretend that I’m running somewhere in India. I did that yesterday and it was good fun! If you run, I highly recommend it. That’s it for now Dear Occasional Reader.

Take care, eh.


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About buttonempire

We make original art, handprinted cards, buttons and magnets and we collect and sell antique photographs. Plus we garden and cook. You can buy our work at www.buttonempire.etsy.com You can peruse our for sale photos at www.pandorasbox.etsy.com

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