It’s Been A While…

ImageWell…really, it’s been longer than that. Last year we started training for the half marathon (done and done!) and that took up a lot of time. Then it was gardening season and we really worked the problem, adding 2 new raised beds, 2 apple trees, 2 cherry trees as well as the greenhouse and perennial beds. Late in the season we added a memorial garden for my much loved Granny Coats. The memorial garden is a grand undertaking, with huge boulders and 3 new beds…one for strawberries and salad greens, one for all sorts of veg and one for flowers and herbs. We got busy with life and blogging fell by the wayside while we ran and dug and planted and harvested and laid in the sun with Turkey Leg. Anyhoo…we’re back and checking in with this latest painting…currently available in our etsy shop. It’s oil on primed panel and we love it. There will be more to come soon…we’re not training for the half this year…just doing some speed work. And we’re ahead on the garden with some heavy duty plastic already on the green house and some lightweight bed covers in the mail. All we really need to do is plant some seeds and dig a hole for the last apple tree…well, that’s a fantasy, there will be much more to do but it seems more doable without the half marathon training eating up 10 hours a week.

I trust all is well in your world, Dear Reader.

I hope so.

Peace Out,


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