THe latest handprinted imperial designed gocco made lolcatz card is out and it’s a cutie, if I do say so myself. If you’re the kinda peep who expects cake this might be the way to get some. It’s currently printed on a white or off white card with plans to get it on the larger brown format in the near future. I have to pull out the gocco and make a bunch of other lolcat cards soon so maybe then.

Handmade lolcatz cards available in our zibbet shop and our etsy shop

Ummm, what else…I ordered some canna bulbs from Brecks bulbs but they’re not here yet which I find irksome to no end. I wanted to get them potted up for a good heads start but I am mocked at every turn. Or at least that one turn. Heh. Other than that it’s business as usual. Making grilled cheese and tossed salad for lunch which I’d better get at…


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