The Rainbow Edition

These are our colourful version of our wedding favours we call “Words Enough For a Lifetime Together”. We just had a nice order for a bunch of them except the bride to be wanted them made into magnets. Done and done! You can find these at our zibbet shop and at our etsy shop as well.

We’ve been busy painting and cooking and spring cleaning here. I’d love to paint the living room and yet I hate painting so I am at cross purposes in that regard. While doing some garden cleaning I found our ants are up and at ’em and I’ve seen a couple of very sweet ground squirrels out and about so in theory we will have some warmer days soon.

Oh yeah, we had a listing up to raise some funds to donate to the Red Cross for Japan relief and those sold so big thanks to the peep who helped us get that done!

I’ll check in soon with some new art and a new burfdae card soon but once again, the garden calls…



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