New Wedding Favour Badges

Fresh from the buttonmaker is this set of 100 sweet buttons. Peeps getting married use these in all sorts of ways…some leave them in a bowl on the reception table, some pin them to place setting cards, some sprinkle them on the table where the cake is set up.

We love buttons as a favour because just about everybody loves a button! And we’ve had a tonne of interest from wedding blogs and magazines in the last little bit. I guess that means the season is soon to be upon us in full swing. Huzzah!

You can find these and other wedding sets @

Ummm…we’ve expanded the empire to include a shop at shoply, icraft and we just started a shop on weebly.

Other than that we’re up and running again (6 k on Sunday!) with just a little bit of pain. I look forward to the snoworama melting away and getting back to scented runs on clear roads. Like most Canadians I can’t help but reflect that this has been a looooong winter.Long. As in too much snow and cold and not enough Chinooks. However, spring will come and I will run surrounded by wild roses again. Woot woot!




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