Erin Go Bragh, Dude


Finally, it’s the modernized version of the classic “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” that the world has been clamouring for!!

You can grab this at our etsy store @ .

We made this today and kept it on the down low or the low down depending on how hip to the jive you are. I know it’s got something because when Bruno saw it he lol’d!  Huzzah! We’ve got our Green Beerz card in the shop as well. I’m part Irish you know. I wish I’d have been blessed with the red hair the Vikings left after raping and pillaging but noooooo…I get the baby brown of the mutts of Europe…

Anyhoo…wandered off into hair bitterness there. Not unusual if you know me!

I trust any Dear Readers are having a good lead up into the next season. My thoughts are with all the peeps getting pounded by Big Mama right now! A special shoutout to our Aussie clients. Stay safe, dear friends!

Peace Out For Now,man…



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