What We’re Doing For Valentines Day

I’m not a big fancy day person. I like every day that goes well. That said, this year I’m going to make a wee effort to be more valentinsey. I believe we’ll have some nice red wine, some fake meat beef stroganoff, a bunch of vanilla candles aflame, a roaring fire in the woodstove and I think we’re going to watch Robin Hood and snuggle. Not bad for peeps married for nearly 17 years! I wish I had more to add but I must away to do a gazillion chores. I’m seriously looking into reopening our shop on ArtFire so that we have more irons in the fire.Wedding season is coming up and that’s a make or break time of the year for us and etsy has made some  major changes that I’m not sure will be helpful to me as a seller at the end of the day. ArtFire also made some major changes, they’ve got a much more attractive front page and they added an etsy importer so you can easily move items from one venue to the other. In the end, we need to make a buck…or get a real job…and if we get a real job, who will make hot lunches for Bruno? Crisis! ;p

Happy Vday Ya’ll!


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We make original art, handprinted cards, buttons and magnets and we collect and sell antique photographs. Plus we garden and cook. You can buy our work at www.buttonempire.etsy.com You can peruse our for sale photos at www.pandorasbox.etsy.com

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