I Can Haz Front Page of etsy?

for sale at buttonempire.etsy.com


Last week this card made it to the front page of etsy.com. In the hour it was there we sold out of existing stock and we had to pull out the gocco to make more. It got over 800 new views and over 80 new users added it to their favorites. The doll over at the “Books,Paper,Scissors” blog added it to their page where it got 777 notes from their readers and reblogged a bunch of times.

This excites me! I have this fantasy where Hallmark ask me to run my own teeny tiny division of lolcatz cards for them and stuff like this is how you get found!

Here’s the link to the BPS blog in case you fancy seeing the power of the internetwebz for sharing cool schwag.


Anyhoo…I’m on a running break after hurting my tootsies while running on deep snow and slippery surfaces. To make up for it I’m walking up and down a rather steep hill multiple times. It’s pretty neat in it’s own right. My heart rate gets up way higher than when I run. Even after my feet can handle the runs again I think we’ll work the hill in as intensity training. It has 2 things going for besides the increased heart rate…it has a spectacular mountian view and unlike the stairmaster at the gym, it’s free to use.

Thanks for dropping in dear reader.

Be well.



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