lolcat Valentine Card/2011/i can haz something completely different?

We made this with our trusty gocco printmaker and a donated picture of the charming cat Miss Rascal aka Fat Cat Triple Scoop. (I love her nickname…it’s got a hint of “The Wire” to it !) We can no longer use our Gus for cardmaking because his little siamese face is too black and it prints funny. A big thanks to all the etsy Etc. peeps who donated pics for our consideration! Rusty was a close second but there wasn’t enough contrast for the printmaking process.

You can see the contrast needed for the process, greys don’t cut it.

I still have a few screens for my gocco but I’m almost out of ink and I’m low on bulbs. I guess I should buy, buy, buy while there still are any. That said I have a vague memory of a printmaking supplier saying they think they had found a bulb that would work that didn’t come from the whack peeps over at Riso. I should make a note to look into that today once all our orders are packed and ready to go.

On that note…Later Gators!



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