Our Buttons On Glamour.com

Perfect For Valentines Day

Perfect For Valentines Day


We are dead chuffed to announce that our beloved buttons made it to the interwebs in the biggest way to date when they appeared on www.glamour.com. (Click the image for the link to the article. Come on, you know you wannnnna!)

These have been blogged about by private individuals many times ( and we’ve loved them all! Often they appear in wedding blogs after the magic day, photos of the buttons next to wedding rings and bridal bouquets…squee! ) but it seems like we hit the big time this Valentines Day.  It’s wonderful to know that they’re still working their super cute magic. Huzzah! We’ve sold dozens to new etsy members and we assume they found us via the article, so Thanks Glamour, we appreciate the props and the biz. Kissing during the recession seems to be a most popular activity!

I’ll blog soonish with some awesome new stuff…maybe even later today. For now,  I must away to get started on some Thai Coconut soup for lunch. Yummy!

Au reviour World,



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