So Long Mr.Bush.













Well, if you’re reading this blog, congrats, you made it!

Holy Buddha in A Magic Handcart, was that a waste of 8 years or what?

I thought I’d pull up an old picture, taken before I had the button photographing down pat,  of a classic original buttonempire button.

For those of you desperate to forget 2005, Bush and Co. kinda changed the WMD record midway through the show. They stopped trying to make America poop it’s pants with the WMD bull cocky and started up with the “Saddam Hussein was a bad man who destabilized the region and we had to take him out, that’s the real reason why we invaded Iraq”  song and dance.



The region is  sooooooo much more stable since Saddam went to that big psychopathic  palace in the sky. *sarcasm, you sustain me in my darkest hours*

Anyhoo…where was I?

Oh yeah, this button was a rarely punched, limited edition treat done up in the “I Remember Pearl Harbour” style for those peeps who were still having to inform ignoramousii that there were no WMD’s in Iraq. For a while there, if memory serves, almost 50% of Americans asked thought they had found WMD’s. It was a crazy time, a time when a 1 inch Tecre  buttonmaker was this girls BFF.

And so, let us all lower the curtain on those stupid, wasted, expensive, depressing and deadly 8 years and move onward with just a fraction of Hope for something more thoughtful. Maybe a little foreplay, maybe the occasional love note, maybe an unfolded but thoroughly read newspaper left carelessly on the couch in the living room of the little house of Hope that I keep in my heart.

Hold on.

Talk Amongst yourselves.

I’m getting verklempt.

On that note…Best Wishes, Dear Reader for a peaceful, smart, and happy 2009.


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