Capitol Record Club

Magents of Awesomeness

Sometimes, in my never ending hunt for cool vintage materials with which to make cool schwag I come upon something that makes my heart beat a little faster. That happened this afternoon when, at a site I can not disclose for purposes of hoarding and greediness, I found an magazine from 1968 in which there was a cherry red and like new ad for the Capitol Record Club. In less than an hour I had cut and buttoned and photographed these very sweet magents into being.

I know these will sell. The last ones (made almost a year ago…these ads are SUPER rare!) sold really quickly…I still miss them. I’ll miss these too…but they’ll go to someone who adores them I’m sure. Why? Because, they are so freakin’ cool.

It was a weird, overcast day here today so we rented a schwack of foriegn/indie/documentry films today. We enjoyed “Fido”, a colour saturated zombie story with a difference and “King of Kong” a really interesting documentry about the Donkey Kong world record and the politics and shenanigans and odd bravery surrounding it’s rightful owner. I loved that film. If you can find it I’m giving you the ok to rent it.  It’s worth the time out of your life.

On that note, we’ll check in soonish with other stuff to say and show.

G’Night World,



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