New Works

Anna K

I’ve been super busy in the last couple of weeks.

Buttons sell well during the holiday season, even if it is a recession, so I’ve had the punch out quite a bit.

No matter what people love to declare their smooching wishes and President Obama freakin’ won  the election (huzzah!) so we had to make a tonne of those babies.

available on
Besides button business, I’ve been trying to keep the very small quarters of the empire workable, but let’s face it, we need an extra room. I miss our SK digs like crazy. And yet, somehow I got the painting bug this week and made the first piece in this post and the all following pieces as well…
I’m doing a sort of homemade scratchboard technique here.
I’m using acrylics because they’re easy to clean and therefore easier to use in a small space.
I paint the surface flat black and then work up from there in colour and then I scratch and scrape down into the black using various pointy objects.
Finally I burnish the surface with a palette knife so there is a lovely gleam while maintaining a textured surface to hold the viewers interest.
I love the dreamy visual look I get from this process.
These are small squares on masonite so they’re affordable galore, easy to ship and easy to frame up on the cheap.
I’d love to be doing larger, more complicated works but that will have to wait until the summer.
(*le sigh* as Pepe Le Pew used to say.)
With that, I’ve got to go do a quick Friday clean up, make a homemade pizza sauce and beat down the yummiest homemade herbed pizza dough made this side of Italy.
Then, I need to get my Lehrer Newshour/wine drinking in, sit back and sup while I see how far down the tube the world went since I woke up this morning.
And I need to use the Wii Fit.
Do not forget, fellow Wii Fit owners, that thing is watching you…
and me…
and Bruno.
Damned Wii…it’s a little fitness narc!
Later Gators,


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