A Standard For Elliott Smith

A Standard For Elliott Smith


Somehow I missed discovering Elliott Smith when he was alive. It was just one of those things. Our paths didn’t cross until, upon watching Good Will Hunting for the billionth time, I decided a huge part of it’s attraction was the beautifully gentle music that ran through the film. One google later and I had the artist’s name. Elliott Smith. I retrived the songs from that film and listened to them over and over again, living for almost a year with just those songs. Because I was afraid. I was afraid to look for more. I had a very strong feeling that something bad had happened to Mr.Smith. Ignorance is Bliss and I didn’t want to know.

Then one night, I decided to google the man and I found out that I had been most correct in my bad feeling. No longer bound to this place by life, Elliott Smith was gone from this mortal coil. His heart fatally injured in what some people still believe might have been foul play.

I don’t know.

Life is Hard. Feeling is Hard. Loving is Hard.

Life is Hard.

The only good thing about finding out that he was gone was that I could go forth and hear all I could find by him. Thanks to the internet I have some amazing live shows, but I also heard some awful gigs as well. Gigs where the drugs are running the show. Gigs that are just too heartbreaking to stand.

He’s one of those people who I wish I could’ve taken in and made lemonade for. Kept him safe in a guest bedroom, got him running in the mornings and eating awesome vegetarian food for lunch and having a good glass of merlot while we watched the news and then played some Wii before he pulled out his guitar and made me Love him all over again.

Maybe in Heaven…


Happy Tuesday World,



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