Kittens Against Stephen Harper

Artists Rendering of True Events

Artists Rendering of True Events



Kittens everywhere resent being used to make you look sweet Mr.Harper.

In addition, Ordinary Canadian Kittens support supporting the Arts.

They also think you should stop trying to manipulate the Canadian electorate by calling early elections because you think you can get a Majority government.

They strongly dislike your slime ball tactics in running, not just negative attack ads, but negative attack ads when there isn’t even an election on.

You ruined their Christmas holiday last year with your creepy anti Dion ads shoved in between ads for tasty kibble and nifty remote control toys.

And do not even get them started on how you lied about taxing Income Trusts.

Basically, this button says it all.
You do not have the support of Kittens.
Stop forcing them to appear with you.

Due to copyright laws, I cannot use the photo of the poor ginger Kitten being held by our Dead Eyed PM, but I have done a quick artists’ rendering of the horror of a Kitten trapped in his arms.

Peace Out,



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