bride and groom identification buttons

cute cute cute


Hot off the press are these two fresh pinbacks for the guy and gal who plan on jumping the broom.

They’re pretty sweet and still available in the etsy shop. That’s


Anyhoo…we’re both hard at work, as always.

Got some of the pieces we made in our time off framed up and they look great.  

Bruno has some pretty exciting irons in the fire, but I’m not going to elaborate until we get confirmation. 

Let’s just say,  buy his work now. 

 It’s a great investment.

Ummm…the world seems a bit nutty right now, does it not? 

I’ve really come to enjoy the SNL 3rd American debate skit, if you’re seeing this blog via my Facebook page, that bit is emedded on my page and I think you should watch it.

Joe the Plumber.

You can’t make that shit up!

On that note, my ear hurts and i’m off to bed.

Pax Out.



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