Travel Broadens The Mind…

New Plain Pin

New Palin Pin

Travel Broadens the Mind…And Sarah Palin may be living proof of that notion.

If you catch my drift.


I get how Palin has what I think of as “The Ear”.

Having “The Ear” means you innately pick up on verbal tone, structure, colloquialisms et all. People with “The Ear” do well in their High School Drama class without trying. They draw crowds at parties. They do a nice job of reading their kids bed time stories. In Palins’ case I wouldn’t be surprised if night time at her house includes her dropping the g’s and adding some Heck ya’s to Revelations as she lulls her little one’s to sleep with stories of the Armageddon .

Anyhoo…the point about Palin having “The Ear” is that she can charm some birds out of their trees. (If those Birds still can make the payments on their trees that is.) The peeps that she charms don’t necessarily need content or context, they most likely need a six pack ( Hey Joe!) and a gun or two.  I don’t think those peeps give much thought to her foreign policy abilities (or any other abilities any one might need in order to lead our increasingly insane world) even though, thanks to the aforementioned peeps,  she might end up in the White House answering the phone at 3pm.

Gosh darn it, I hope it’s not Eye-ran or Eye-raq callin’. 

Anyhoo…I made this bitter little button when we were still out East and finally I have the high speed to make uploading it a cinch. Yay!

Ciao For Now Kids ( Ciao is an Eye-talian salutation Ms.Palin.  Eye-taly doesn’t need you to nuke them, just so you know. They’re not in the Middle East.) 



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