1982 Redux









We’re already more than halfway through our break so I figured I owed the blog some “pets and rubs”.

Today I’d like to touch upon the general vibe here.

It’s quite surreal in a way which I have yet to find unkind or ugly.

It’s so like 1982 that I find myself very nearly in the futuristic dream life of my 14 year old self.

I get to lolly gag through the day, in a near teenage haze, eating whatever/whenever I want, watching old movies and laying in the sun.  I’m even having having a nice glass of wine here and there. It’s totally the stuff of which my IKEA catalogue Teenage Dreams were based.

Prairie Cottage

Prairie Cottage

I have my own nice house, with my own nice stuff, I’m married to a really swell guy and we have a crazy cat and there are so many stars at night and you can see deep into the Milky Way, and crickets chirp and the wind blows woman sage and men sage perfume while meteors flame across the open sky on lovely summer evenings.Later, in the clover scented daytime, old dudes wearing grease stained ball caps talk about the harvest at the local Chinese/Canadian restaurants.

Etc etc.

To sum up, it’s been just swell so far. All I need is a Drive In Theatre and some peanut M and M’s and the 1982 time travel could be complete.

Willow Bunch Giant

Willow Bunch Giant


00 Scores Big on 420!
00 Scores Big On 420!
Democracy, Bengough Style!

Democracy, Bengough Style!

Here in southeast Saskatchewan the peeps are mellow, the land is blessedly Hummer free, the reality of weather and water actually count here, and the landscape is beautiful.  I adore the complex groundcover of the untouched prairie, the flowers, the cactus, pretty lichen covered stones dotting the picture here and there. It’s like Dances With Wolves without the hamball acting.

My Runner's Dream

My Runner's Dream Run.




 Anyhoo…I’ll try to blog once more before we head back to Alberta.

Right now, I want to upload a bunch of pics so I’d better stop with the typing and start with the dial up cursing!

Cheers World,



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