I’m Putting The Cart Before The Horse…

I heart Prez Obama

…because I’m bone weary of the horses’ ass whose been driving the usa for the last 8 years!

Thank heavens we’re moving on.

You know, I may be so nuts about American Politics because of my birth date. It’s Jan, 20 aka Inauguration day in the USA. As I grew up in a political household, I remember that evening as either a good night or a bad night, depending on who made it in.

The first dude I remember was Jimmy Carter and I recall my Mom was pretty happy about that.

By ’82 I was old enough to understand that Reagan and I were not on the same page.

And so forth and so on.

Bush was a tough one to take.

Dimpled chads haunted my dreams and I worried about how badly he could fuck things up.

Turns out I underestimated his talents for fucking up.

Oy Vay, what an 8 years it’s been.

So I am STOKED ( yes STOKED) about Senor Obama getting in and switching things up.

I look forward to healthcare and climate change, green energy , education and human rights being on the agenda.

And I hope that *if* some bad shit goes down, he’ll inspire the world with common sense and hope rather than telling us to go shopping.

I hope he’ll be a Man.

A mighty mighty Good Man.

And that’s all for tonight peeps.

Peace Out from the Foothills.



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