Fill ‘Er Up



Oh naughty, naughty Empress.

Look what my bitter and twisted mind hath wrought!

Somedays I feel like only me and about 2000 other people made note during the energy crisis of the 1970’s.  (And I was a frickin’ little kid when that went down.)

As you can tell by scrolling down to look at the digital collage a few posts down I’ve been saying this crisis has been on it’s way for a few years. I’m no Sybil of Cumae. There have been many other voices suggesting that the proverbial was going to hit the fan and in the not too distant future.

It seems like that future is now. 

The reality of being addicted to fossil fuels and all they can make and do is currently chipping away at the “World’s Only Remianing Super Power”s’ veneer.

Yes kids, that’s not hardwood making up the economic, social or environmental base of the USA, nor is it a durable, sustainable bamboo flooring alternative.

It’s a .68 cent Made in China laminate that fell off a truck in Jersey.

If you want the truth, I’m more nervous than a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

The plan here is to get off the grid and to get even more prepared for the shakey looking future.

If you think the price of Gas is high, just wait for thirst to set in.

As we’ve said many a times, Water is The New Oil.

Until that reality hits home though, we’lre lucky to *just* suffer the indignities of being a society that is all hopped up on the oil and gas goofballs.

Hence forth, the button de jour.

Anyhoo…sorry to be such a debbie downer, man.

And now that I have apologized for being a depressing realist, I shall away to my many daily chores.

But not before I wish y’all a happy and safe weekend.

Be Well,




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