nerds are hawt

Hello nerds.

How cute are you?

With your model spaceship collections and your Einstien with his tongue out poster on your closet door and that salty by the sea no brand deodorant smell….*swoon*….

You’d steam up my glasses. 

 If I ever wore my glasses.

On that note, a friend and I were talking on a little forum I hang at and he felt that he was not a babe magnet as he is a bit on the cerebral side.

But I’m a girl and I know what girls like.  Girls like nerds.  

Especially if they smell good and are fun to hang with.

Nerds are hawt even.

Flaunt it!

And girl nerds should flaunt it too! It’s cool to be a nerd.

You know, everybody can be cool.

Jocks and stoners and nerds and…hey…it just dawned on me I still see people in terms of high school cliques.

Like, omg, that’s so like Breakfast Club and stuff.

Alright. On that note I’ve got a tonne of stuff to do.

The gardens need a thorough clean up and that is no small task.

That reminds me, we’ve had crocus and bluebells and we’re waiting on grape hyacinth.

I put water in the fountain a few weeks ago too.

That officially means Spring is Sprung in the foothills of southern Alberta.

I believe I’ll get the man to bring up the furniture to better facilitate hanging out there in the sunshine. Yay!

Hey, I know times are tough for peeps all over the world.

I hope you’re chillaxin’ as best you can.

May The Force Be With You.




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