Money. Money. Money. Money. Mon-aye.


When the government “gives” you money it’s most likely that an election is around the corner or that they’re pretty freakin’ nervous that the peeps might get up on their hind legs and bark.

Best give them enough dough for a bag of weed and a six pack. 

Augustus knew that way back in the day. 

And look what happened to him…his wife poisoned him with a pear or a date, maybe a fig…some sort of fruit… ( can you tell I’ve been enjoying HBOs Rome and I’m on my way to rewatching I Claudius or what?)

Maybe Laura will pull a Livia someday , get rid of George via poisoned burrito and run away with Cheney to Paris.  Ah, sweet sweet Cheney love…

Anyhoo. Back to reality.

I made this pin today for all my neighbours down south.

Enjoy the money while you can.

I figure it’ll last less than a week.

I wish Stephen Harper of the Non Moving Hairdo would throw me a financial bone, but I guess he’s not nervous enough.


And now for something completely different…it’s snowing lovely big flakes here today.

It’s quite nice.

I have the high efficency woodstove stoked and I’m chillaxing to the soma fm and having a glass of well deserved vino.

I hope it’s swell where ever you be.

Have a Nice Weekend,




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