Let’s Have a Partee


Like Wanda Jackson used to sing in her whiskey tough voice, let’s have a partee.

But letz do it with two e’s in a shout out to our beloved lolcats.

Or lolcatz.

Or whatever you want to call them.

Brand new in the shop are uber cute partee invites, hot off the gocco.

We had the idea for them 2 weeks ago but we used our last screen in an attempt to make the image and found that the sides didn’t burn.

Why do gocco screens do that?

It’s is *so* annoying.

Even these fresh screens didn’t burn all the way to the side, calling for some last minute editing.

We pulled it out of the fire though and bam! made these awesome cards *and* a super yummy lasagna for dinn dinns.

Am I the perfect wife and lolcat card maker?

It may well be.

Have a party down weekend, y’all.



One thought on “Let’s Have a Partee

  1. i love the LOL cats too…please don’t tell anyone. My favorite is still “i can has cheezburger?”…i’m cracking the hell up right now, thinking of that fat little furry face….jeez.

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