I Should Have Spammed HRMB

crafty queen

There is an etsy seller by the name of Her Royal Majesty Bags who this pin would’ve been perfect for.

But to ensure that she saw it I would’ve had to drop her a note.

And that would’ve been spam.

I don’t really know her either, so it wouldn’t have been cool.

So I listed it and hoped she would see it, as it really would’ve been perfect for her.

I let my buttons find the right owners, taking faith in the notion that the right pin gets to the right person and that person wears it at the right time and that maybe the right person meets their soul mate because they’re wearing it. And then those two get together and make a baby and that baby is Tesla re-incarnated and he makes some groovy network of free clean energy stations around the world and because of those stations climate change gets a death blow and the arctic gets cold again and I win the Nobel Prize for coolest buttons ever.

Anyhoo…HRMB did not buy the button.

It was listed for less than a day and some other lucky soul will get to carve out a future with it pinned on their lapel or backpack or onto their knitting bag.

And so, the beat goes on…




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