Go Fightin’ Irish

I’m on ur st patrix dae card, drinkin ur green beerz

Everybody is Irish on St.Patrick’s day.

And I admit it.

I’ve seen a pint or two of green beer in my day.


I like my beer on the tangy side of shandy…with the juice of a lime or two added to a pint. *mmmmmmm* Sour.

Ummm…hey, look what I made with my gocco and my etsy friend madeinlowells wunderbar photo of her handsome cat fella, Mr.Chet.

The Chetster.

Chet o rama.


She let me use a pic of Chet holding a brew.

I did my magic in the graphic arts department, added the hilarious tag line and printed it onto a screen via my gocco PG printer.


From the ok to use madein’s photo to having a bunch of cool cards that were printed , photographed and for sale on the etsy site was less than two hours.

 And I made Lunch in between the computer part and the inky part.

Gocco Printmaker, I Love You.

I really  hope any  readers visiting the blog are having a nice week.




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