You Never Know…

Sorry Boys, I’m A Lesbian.

…what the punters will get up to next.

We make this little cutie for all the sassy Lesbians out there. We also do a “Sorry Girls, I’m Gay” for the gentleman who digs gentlemen. Over the weekend I made some of these at my real gig.

 Part of my deal with my boss is that I make buttons at work in the down times. It’s cool. Peeps of all sorts come in a look at the buttons and sometimes I give out treat buttons to sad people or cute people…it all depends. This weekend two youngish lads, Geoff and Micheal , dropped in to admire the coolness that is our buttons. One could not help but notice Micheals chapeau. It was a fuchsia knit cap that was, for various reasons, rather sassy for a young lad to sport about a small town. I admired it and his fashion chutzpa and told him to pick a button for being so cool. After going through about 200 buttons he settles on the “Sorry Boys, I’m a Lesbian.”

This amuses me.


It amuses them too. I try to give the buttons away, but Geoff insists on paying for Mikes buttons. Mike has his Lesbian pin and a punk rocky skull button too and he pins them both on his pink knitted hat. Yay! He looks mahvelous! They leave the store and  in ten minutes they come back for more. Turns out Geoff wants the other Lesbian pin too! He pays up , pins it on and off they go into the small town Alberta Saturday night.

You know, I never thought teen boys were going to wear our Lesbian pins. The events of the night remind how awesome buttons are. And how I just make them, then they find their own way in the world…much like we do…

 Happy Monday,



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