i’m on ur wordpress blog…

Our in house designed lolcatz valintines card.Yay!

…showin’ off my valinitines day lolcatz card.

 New for the upcoming season of woo, this is our second i can haz cheezburgers tribute card.

I can haz cheezburgers is a funny thing. When you watch the news, you’d think humanity is made up of individuals who are toxic and cruel, self centered and brutish.  When you visit the lolcatz, you see this other silly, mostly sweet, plain old uber goofiness that is so far removed from the news of the day, that it’s a puzzling, but blessed relief to the soul.


We’re so good, we’re so bad… I could ponder it for days…

But someone ( like me) has to make a nice lunch of grilled cheese (Havarti…yum)sammys with a side salad of crisp romaine, tossed with a homemade low fat ranch dressing with a few sliced mushrooms tossed in to keep Bruno on his toes.

Wanna keep a man interested?

You gotta keep em guessing.




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