We’re In the Business of Getting People Smooched…

The Dynamic Duo



 …And we Love it with a capitol L.

It’s been so long since we took our tentative first steps into the world of The 1 Inch Smooching Pin back button biz. We’ve grown the movement to include buttons about smooching crafty wives, and nerdy boyfriends and nerdy wives and the occasional geeky husband (by request of course!). I’ve even received feedback in the etsy shop which exclaimed that lovemaking was the result of our button.


Oh yeah baby.

We’re quite impressed by how our little mylar cover gem is the one inch baby that just keeps giving and giving.

We are even sort of famous for this one. It is often blogged about and most days, if you google “nerdy husband” our pin will be in the top three listings.

We think that is really, really cool.

It’s like we’re the Lenin of Kissing, the Buddha of the Smooch.

Every time these babies go out in the post I feel my Karmic debt getting paid down a little, as somewhere else, warm lips meet in a soft and satisfying smooch.

It’s A Good Thing!

Anyhoo…we’re “away” for the next few days, doing a bit of reno to make the house all Purdy…but I may check in.

We’ll see how it goes…I *loathe* painting houses…so I may need to get away to the world of the interwebs…

Until our Return, thanks for dropping in.




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