Even Three Hours Without The Net Is Too Long!

When we awoke this morning and set about to log into the shop we we’re met by a non functioning internet. Ack ack! We knew we had mail to go out, but no way to access the info we needed from the Imperial headquarters. Thankfully, we got the Emperor to log in from his workplace, where they had the internet, and got all the info we need. But still…it felt very wrong. No etsy, no Secret Agent on somafm,no ordering buttonparts from the nice people at Tecre…we had to use the *phone* to talk to our interwebs guru Cansy. It was just weird! On an up note, it did give us time to cut a tonne of our nerdy husband rounds and roll up a schwack of veggie california rolls and inari. Yum!

Since we’re checking in at our new bloghome, clearly we’re up and at ’em again. Yay!

And now, it’s off to take our walk and then to our “real” job. The glamour of being a cute button empress never stops!




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